Note to self: camera and tripod should be budgeted for…

So, update on my Shift Dress! It’s done, finished, signed, sealed, delivered – and I have not yet been able to get anything but a really crappy selfie in the way of pictures. This is the problem with being a poor college graduate with no camera but an iPhone 5. Sigh. If I’m going to make this blogging thing a regular venture, I might have to shell out some cash for a real camera and a remote.

I promise pictures soon! I’m visiting friends tonight who I may be able to scam into taking a few snaps of me in the dress – still with the iPhone, but at least they’ll be from a decent angle where you can actually, y’know, see the dress.

I will say one thing, to my shame – remember all that talk about hand-stitching the back facings to the zipper? Yeah… wellllll… I realized I’d been putting it off specifically because I didn’t feel like hand sewing (remember also when I said I’d put pictures up yesterday?) but I did want desperately to finish this dress. SOOOOO I cheated. I turned under the seam allowances, like I should, but then I just used my zipper foot to put a row of machine stitching down each facing about 1/8″ from the fabric edge, which was butted up right next to the zipper teeth. And it looks lovely from the inside! On the outside, it’s another row of stitching that runs sometimes-next-to-sometimes-over the stitching that was already there from putting in the zipper, so it looks a little hand-made and amateurish. But I finished it! And it’s in a light grey thread that gets almost completely lost in the bright magenta and green and such of the fabric, so I’m not terribly worried about it.

The hem went in fairly easily after that, just turned under twice and top-stitched, resulting in about a 2″ detraction from the length as cut. I’m glad I decided to up the length when I traced my pattern, as on this long-torsoed, long-legged girl, the length as planned and with the depth of hem I wanted would have ended only about an inch south of my hoo-hah. I’m as progressive as the next liberal 20-something, but when I wear a dress I like to keep the basics covered!

This dress turned out very cute, and exceedingly bright, which is a combination I absolutely love having in my summer wardrobe. I can’t wait to get some good pictures!


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