About Me

Born and raised in Ohio, currently living in New York City, I’ve been sewing since I was a wee thing but didn’t start sewing garments (or even learn to use a machine!) until I was working in the costume shop while getting my college degree in musical theater. In the near-decade since first sitting down to a sewing machine, I’ve costumed theatrical productions, sewn my own clothes and accessories, and made a tidy chunk of change mending and altering clothes for friends and coworkers. When I’m a big grown-up sewist I would like to someday have a majority-handmade personal wardrobe, but at the moment I’m content with having just enough me-mades that my friends ask suspiciously, “Did you make this?” after complimenting an outfit.

When I’m not sewing, I’m either working long hours as a waitress, cuddling my cat and my laptop, or putting my musical theater degree to use by singing along with whatever I have blaring from my phone. Sometimes I do housework, just to prevent my roommates’ kicking me out, and sometimes I manage not to kill my houseplants.



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