About Me

I’m a recreational sewer and aspiring singer/actress living in Bowling Green, Ohio. In my sewing, I’m drawn to bright colors and classic style, which can result in an interesting mish-mash when it comes to my finished projects! I’m taking a summer off before making a big move to New York City in the fall, and am attempting to provide some structure to my currently unemployed state by sewing things and blogging about them. Hopefully the need to generate blog content will keep me working on all the projects I want to make but always put off starting!

My name is not, in fact, Joni – I’m the Long-Legs portion of my blog title. Joni is my sewing machine, an old Husqvarna Viking that I received for my twenty-first birthday as a joint present from my parents and my grandfather. My grandmother, who died of Alzheimer’s the year before that, had been a quilter, and the machine had been hers. Her name was Joan, and Joanie was my grandfather’s pet name for her, which in conjunction with the wonderfully bohemian color scheme of the machine itself (red with a multi-colored stitch guide across the top) led me to name it after my grandmother but with the spelling used by Joni Mitchell. She’s served me well for the past three years, and will hopefully continue helping me churn out brightly-colored costume-like additions to my wardrobe for many years to come.


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