On Creative Slumps and Getting Out Of My Own Way

I had my tarot read the other day, and it was one of those "aha!" moments of having to hear someone else say things I already knew to force me to admit they're true. The gist of the reading was that I'm stuck, but only because I'm making excuses to stay stuck. I want to… Continue reading On Creative Slumps and Getting Out Of My Own Way

We Love A Statement Sleeve

I can't quite believe it's nearly October - where did the summer go? And on top of that, where did September go?? That said, I've been glorying in the weather here in New York this past month. We've still been flirting with temps in the 80s during the hottest parts of the day, but it's… Continue reading We Love A Statement Sleeve

Rib knits, for fall? Groundbreaking…

The few people that read this blog and also follow my personal Instagram will know I've already made this joke once recently, but it brings me joy and I refuse to be ashamed! It's one of the best one-liners from a character who zings 'em out like no other - and who doesn't love when… Continue reading Rib knits, for fall? Groundbreaking…

My Pride Dress + Tutorial!

Sometimes, you just start sewing and something amazing comes out. I literally don't have any other explanation for this dress - it was not something I planned or sketched out, or even thought about very hard. I'd been planning to hack Mimi G's Jessica Dress pattern to make my own version of an Old Navy… Continue reading My Pride Dress + Tutorial!

That Nettie Post I Meant To Write Four Years Ago

I made my first Nettie bodysuits in October of 2015, and I loved them so much I started writing a blog post about them! But I never finished it, and it's sat in my drafts ever since staring me down with disappointment in its non-existent eyes. All I have to document those early Netties is… Continue reading That Nettie Post I Meant To Write Four Years Ago

To All The Bras I’ve Made Before

...I'm not gonna lie, I'm incredibly proud of that blog post title. I don't even care that To All The Boys I've Loved Before is a) a fluffy rom-com aimed at a demographic roughly a decade younger than me, and b) came out at least six months ago and has already faded into the shadowy background of… Continue reading To All The Bras I’ve Made Before

The Elli Henley Dress

If there's one thing I am in constant need of in my wardrobe, it's long-sleeved shirts. T-shirts, blouses, sweatshirts, what have you - any category you could describe, I assure you, I don't have enough of them. Part of this is simply that I don't go clothes shopping super often anymore ("I could make that!",… Continue reading The Elli Henley Dress

The Chop: When, Why, How, and How It’s Influencing My Sewing

I tell myself I won't apologize every single time I post on this blog after a long hiatus, but I grew up a Catholic in Ohio - we apologize for everything! So to anyone who might sometimes read this, I apologize for my incredibly long absence. One of my resolutions for the new year is… Continue reading The Chop: When, Why, How, and How It’s Influencing My Sewing


Happy 2019! It's a new year, and while 2018 wasn't the crappiest year I've ever had, it certainly wasn't a cakewalk and I'm not necessarily sad to see it go. Onward into the glorious future! Like a lot of people, I'm heading into the new year on a self-improvement kick. In my case, this manifests… Continue reading #makenine2019